Pepper - Cloves


Yellow Fruit - Grapefruit - Golden Apple





Description and details

This selection is among the highest quality coffee specialities: hand-selected to remove any natural defects and ensure the best quality cups. The particularity of the aromatic profile is due to the processing: semi-wet shell. The coffee has an aroma of pepper and cloves; the flavour is of yellow fruit, grapefruit and golden apple. Origin: Indonesia Botanical species: Arabica Variety: Bourbon, Catimor, Typical Production area: Aceh Tengah, Ache, Sumatra Island Altitude: 1,240 - 1,560 masl Treatment process: hand-selected - Wet hulled Classification: WETHULLED Roasting: · slow, to give each bean the right amount of time to develop and a perfect texture · light, to respect its quality and bring out all its individual nuances · dedicated to single-origin and · 100% artisanal order, exclusively handcrafted by the more than 20 years' experience of a true artisan roaster Cooling: naturally air-cooled to ensure a pure product without interference

Organoleptic/Sensory Analysis


Spicy: Pepper, Cloves


Medium, predominantly citric


Lightweight and Clean


Yellow Fruit - Golden Apple


Balsamic and fresh



Sumatra Aceh Gayo

This one of the best coffee in Sumatra grows in the shade of the forests of the mountains of volcanic origin that surround the Leuser National Park , with sustainable and eco-friendly production methods: no use of chemicals and the protection of local water resources. The unique aromatic profile is also due to the processing: Sumatran farmers are the only ones in the world to use the practice of semi-washed/wet hull (or Giling Basah). While coffees are normally macerated, fermented, washed and dried in the parchment until the moisture content is reduced to 10-12% (usually after 12-24 hours), semi-washed coffees like this are macerated and dried for only a few hours until the moisture content is between 25-50% and the parchment layer is still intact along with much of the mucilage: this affects the taste, which is sweeter and fuller-bodied. This speciality was dried when the humidity had only reached 30%, on natural clay or earth patios so the beans freely absorbed the minerals and a unique profile.


Festa della Mamma

In occasione della festa della mamma, dal 6 al 12 maggio, un regalo speciale:
acquistando la nostra esclusiva infusiera French Press, regaleremo ben 2 sacchetti di Caffè Verde Crudo.