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Neapolitan coffee maker

Cuccuma Caffettiera

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products / Coffee makers

Neapolitan coffee maker

Cuccuma Caffettiera

  • Neapolitan coffee maker Caffè Fusari
  • Neapolitan coffee maker Caffè Fusari
  • Neapolitan coffee maker Caffè Fusari

Description and details

Probably one of the best known models: our Neapolitan coffee maker is made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel, with an elegant and refined design. 


Our Neapolitan moka is a coffee maker that uses a drop system, the only one that does not alter in any way the organoleptic properties and taste of coffee, which can thus be tasted in all its nuances. 


The choice of material guarantees a perfect coffee in taste from the first use, without interference. 

It works on traditional gas, electric, ceramic stoves. 

For induction stoves, a universal diffuser (not supplied) 


With the purchase of a Neapolitan coffee maker, Fusari offers a complimentary 250 g bag of coffee of the Fusari black blend, for a coffee that will amaze you.

Neapolitan coffee maker

Almost all Italians consider themselves real coffee connoisseurs. 


The devotion to this drink can be seen in the special attention lavished on its preparation: every smallest detail is meticulously cared for in what has been considered an art for decades. 


Characteristics of the Neapolitan coffee maker 

For the home context, a self-respecting coffee must be prepared with the right coffee maker, the so-called cuccumella, Neapolitan coffee maker or simply Neapolitan. 

Its charm is undoubted: exclusive and of the best quality, our coffee maker is entirely made in Italy according to tradition. 


How to use the Neapolitan coffee maker? 

The cuccumella has a very particular shape and consists of four elements: 

  • water tank, with a curved or straight handle and a hole at the top; 
  • coffee container, cylindrical, open on one side and with a small hole on the other to allow the passage of water, this tank fits inside the water tank, interlocking; 
  • filter to hold back the coffee powder; 
  • reservoir where the prepared coffee is collected and which has a spout from which the ready coffee can be poured. 


Fusari Caffè guarantees a consistently excellent drink, a coffee enhanced by preparation with all our special equipment! 


Read more about the Neapolitan coffee maker history and origins of this unique moka in our blog post!


Festa della Mamma

In occasione della festa della mamma, dal 6 al 12 maggio, un regalo speciale:
acquistando la nostra esclusiva infusiera French Press, regaleremo ben 2 sacchetti di Caffè Verde Crudo.